Seeds in Time As summer wanes and fall begins, seeds are ripening and falling from many trees and wildflowers along my path. Some trees set their seeds early in the spring such as the cottonwood that makes my pathway look like a sudden… Read more
Deep Calls to Deep I sat at the base of the waterfall mesmerized. I didn’t want to move or leave. I looked at the top of the waterfall and picked out a splash of water that became airborne and watched it fall to the… Read more
Solace My morning journey into the forest is many things to me. Newly discovered wildflowers, bird songs -- local and migratory, leaves emerging then changing colors, and soft breezes filled with fragrances. It was unusually quiet today. Maybe more people are… Read more
Goodness In the beginning when God created the world, He finished the day, and declare, “it was good.” When he created the garden for Adam and Eve, He planted every tree that was “pleasant to the sight and good for food.”… Read more
Faithfulness Faithfulness surrounds you. Everywhere I look I see it, starting with the sunrise. The darkness gives way to the breaking light. The sky brightens and then becomes fully seen. It may be cloudy or a brilliant azure blue, it is… Read more
The Mountaintop I looked at the steep gravel path that led to the top of Whiteside Mountain. This was going to be a real test of my fitness. I’d not hiked to the top of a mountain since spending time in the… Read more