Rainy Day Treasures I love a rainy day, even on vacation. I’m sitting in the cozy living room listening to the rain fall on the deck and the forest around me. The mist is hanging low over the mountains near me. In between… Read more
Look Back or Forward? As fall takes its place among the seasons of our year, the landscape colors are changing, the air is crisper, and cooler mornings bring heavy dew on the remaining wildflowers and leaves. This morning as I walked, I was contemplating… Read more
Serendipity When you walk every day as I do, on two separate paths, you see the same trees and wildflowers every day. Or do you? While the forest as a whole doesn’t change dramatically unless there is a storm and some… Read more
Interruption or God’s Plan? Many are the thoughts and plans we make about our lives, jobs and families. It’s our nature to do this so that we can predict the future and feel secure about today. We plan vacations, we plan outings, what we… Read more
Seeds in Time As summer wanes and fall begins, seeds are ripening and falling from many trees and wildflowers along my path. Some trees set their seeds early in the spring such as the cottonwood that makes my pathway look like a sudden… Read more
Deep Calls to Deep I sat at the base of the waterfall mesmerized. I didn’t want to move or leave. I looked at the top of the waterfall and picked out a splash of water that became airborne and watched it fall to the… Read more