Infinite Sitting on my porch in the cool of the morning, I pondered the many characteristics of our Lord. He is infinite. "Because God is infinite, He is also said to be transcendent, which simply means that God is exceedingly far… Read more
Pause It's always good to take short periods of time to pause in your daily life and appreciate what is around you. We usually call this vacation. But what our mind and body really need is a brief respite just to… Read more
The Stars Several weeks ago, we passed the peak of the Perseid meteor shower for this year. Perseus is a constellation in the north sky. The star shower reached its peak on August 12-13, but you can see the lovely display of… Read more
New Each year in the spring, we see new green leaves delicately emerge from the branches and green shoots appear in the ground where our flowers will bloom. The seasons move through their cycles with nary a bit of help from… Read more
Praise We are at the height of summer. My garden is in a sleepy mode, much of the first bloom has now passed. But my roses are starting their second flourish, and my Shasta daisies raise their petals in praise every… Read more
Tableau “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” (1) Those of you who read my blogs or have read the Artistry of God know I view the natural world around me as a tapestry of delight. It… Read more