Cleft in the Rock I admit it. I’m a waterfall junkie. If there is a hiking trail that leads to any kind of a waterfall or even better, multiple waterfalls, I’m on it. Those of you who have been with me for a while… Read more
New Every Morning One morning this week I was out in my garden just as the sun rose. The grass was covered with tiny sparkles of frost as if someone had sprinkled glitter or fairy dust. It reminded me of the manna God… Read more
Becoming Today as I was walking, I was meditating on how the plants along my pathway evolved from small green shoots that appear in the brown landscape of late winter to become what they are in summer. “Becoming” is the thought… Read more
Fullness of Joy The explosion of color in summer keeps our gardens and landscapes filled with joy. But what about in winter? The landscape is gray and brown with only surprises of color on new mushrooms or flashes of bird feathers. Winter is… Read more
Be Still After a dreary cold morning, our walk in the woods was blessed with brilliant sunshine. As I sat on my favorite fallen log, I reveled in the sun warming my face. There were few walkers or runners out today because… Read more
Hidden in Plain Sight In mid-winter it’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner or that summer’s explosion of color will be upon us shortly thereafter. But a quick journey through my summer photos while looking for butterflies yielded the abundance… Read more