Look Up! Often when I am walking on the greenway or hiking in the mountains, I am so focused on the trail that I forget to look around me, or even better, look up. This is especially true in the winter when… Read more
Grace in the Valley What do you think about when you see the word valley? Do you think of a sparkling stream running through green meadows of wildflowers with sheep grazing contentedly in the sun? Or do you think of a place of suffering… Read more
Meditations This week, I’m departing from our usual format. Bear with me, I think you’ll enjoy it. Instead of scripture, I’ve culled some powerful meditations from one of my favorite books. “The strength of Puritan character and life lay in the… Read more
Now Through Eternity One day, while I sat by a mountain stream, I thought about what the world will look like when Jesus returns and makes it all new. The prophet Daniel spoke of this, and Jesus also prophesied His second coming in… Read more
Rooted in God As I sit in my grandmother’s rocking chair, gazing out over my garden, I’m watching hurricane Ian march through my property. Behind my wall of Chindo viburnums, the woods are taking the brunt of the high winds and rain. I… Read more
Author of Life Whenever I am in the mountains for any extended period, I find myself contemplating two things: Lord, what do you have to teach me about yourself? Why is it that so many people worship the creation and not the Creator?… Read more