God’s Artistry One of the first blogs I wrote was about the artistry of God. As a new season unfolds and my flower garden begins its parade, I’ve been contemplating His artistry once again. In spring and summer, God’s creative energy bursts… Read more
Spring Unfolding This week I’m sharing with you some photos of spring beginning to unfold here in the Carolinas. I had my second covid shot and have been out of commission, so I didn’t get any where near the computer. Enjoy!  … Read more
The Specificity of God Each time I walk through the woods and fields, I am struck by how specific God’s design is for every plant and animal. His plan is especially noticeable as we see the weather begin to alter our surroundings from winter’s… Read more
What’s in a Name? One of the most curious and often unique aspects of wildflower identification is the way they are named and classified. Granted, everyday hikers like myself do not usually use scientific terms. But I find great delight, if not humor, in… Read more
Rain Shine Rain Shine Rain Spring! Tradition has it that April showers bring May flowers. In North Carolina, March showers bring April flowers. It seems like every time we have a rainy day, the next day when I walk in the woods,… Read more
All Around Us Spring is finally unfolding in North Carolina. Those of you who live in the north can enjoy it in your armchair for now. Little platforms of green are popping up in the marsh someday to sport cardinal flowers. The jewelweed… Read more