The Happy Sigh All winter long I’m thinking about spring. Oh, I’m always looking for something new to see or write about, but my heart is counting the days until the little green leaves and shoots start appearing and the tiny wildflowers poke… Read more
The Rock In winter, the landscape is barren of leaves and flowers forcing my eyes to look for different shapes around me and the artistry they reveal. Clearly the silhouettes of the trees draw my eyes skyward, especially in early spring as… Read more
The Path This week I was thinking about all the different kinds of paths I’ve walked and hiked. We approached the intersection of where we usually turn right for a loop through a less traveled part of the woods. My pup wanted… Read more
The River Some of my best memories from childhood are of walking in the woods along a river and playing on the rocks. I would mark the river’s changing appearance over time depending on the presence or absence of rain. High in… Read more
Cleft in the Rock I admit it. I’m a waterfall junkie. If there is a hiking trail that leads to any kind of a waterfall or even better, multiple waterfalls, I’m on it. Those of you who have been with me for a while… Read more
New Every Morning One morning this week I was out in my garden just as the sun rose. The grass was covered with tiny sparkles of frost as if someone had sprinkled glitter or fairy dust. It reminded me of the manna God… Read more