Mountain Treasures The Lord fills every day in the mountains with treasures. It doesn’t matter where I am hiking, sitting, or musing about the scenery. There is so much to see, so much to immerse oneself in when walking in the woods… Read more
Common Treasures “In every walk of nature, one receives more than he seeks.” (1) When you walk the same path every day, you can forget to look at the common treasures that the Lord provides. The myriad of plants that you pass… Read more
Blue Ridge Dreams When you arrive at the top of the Blue Ridge or Smokey mountains, there is only one word for what your eyes behold. Awe. As I stand on top of Mount Pisgah, the mountains fill my vision for 180 degrees.… Read more
Mountain Birds One of my favorite pastimes is watching the birds that inhabit our mountain ridges. Many are not residents in the Piedmont where I live, which makes for wonderful discoveries. My first encounter of the year was on my deck, high… Read more
Queen Anne’s Lace One of the common wildflowers that marks our entry into summer is Queen Anne’s lace. This is a field flower often appearing on the roadside or in open meadows. It is also called wild carrot and bird’s nest, the latter… Read more
Marsh Reflections One of my favorite pastimes is to walk in the nature preserve in the early morning. My primary destination is the deck overlooking the marsh. A kind person has left two wrought-iron chairs there so you can sit and quietly… Read more