Vines that Entangle Today I walked in a different direction than my usual path. Most mornings I choose to go through the forest area as it offers more bird and wildflower varieties. It’s shaded in midsummer which makes it cooler. The alternative path… Read more
Sounds of the Morning The next time you are out for a walk or a hike, pick a spot and listen for the many different sounds you can hear. You may hear soft sounds, like a leaf landing on the ground, the leaves of… Read more
His Infinite Self – Seen and Unseen I’ve been meditating on the different landscape images from my morning walk. Sometimes I stand and gaze at the entire landscape of trees tracing the patterns of sunlight that filter down onto the forest floor or that spotlight individual plants.… Read more
Evening Stillness It’s evening. The day is slowly folding up its wings and melting into the approaching stillness of night. Sometimes when there are clouds and moisture in the air, the light becomes rosy, followed by a glorious gold filling the sky… Read more
Just Around the Corner Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew? I’m not talking about food. Rather taking on a project or task, or in this case a hike that was really more than my ability. I recently did that and… Read more
A Higher Perspective Sometimes as mortals we get caught up in what is going on around us and miss the big picture -- as well as the small. We lack the heavenly perspective that would give us a sense of peace and tranquility.… Read more