Satin Some days when it’s partly cloudy, the light patterns on the leaves and grasses are particularly noticeable. When the blades of grass and tree leaves are new, their natural luminescence reflects the light more clearly. This makes their surface appear… Read more
 The Fragrance of God In Spring, I often notice fragrances that are carried on the breeze as I walk my pathway. The wild roses that drape themselves over bushes and trees offer a soft rose scent. The honeysuckle provides an even more captivating fragrance… Read more
Buttercup Praise It was a cool spring morning as I set out on the path that led to my favorite spot by the creek. The rain last evening cleared the pollen and polished everything new. Along the route, on either side, buttercups… Read more
God’s Artistry One of the first blogs I wrote was about the artistry of God. As a new season unfolds and my flower garden begins its parade, I’ve been contemplating His artistry once again. In spring and summer, God’s creative energy bursts… Read more
Spring Unfolding This week I’m sharing with you some photos of spring beginning to unfold here in the Carolinas. I had my second covid shot and have been out of commission, so I didn’t get any where near the computer. Enjoy!  … Read more
The Specificity of God Each time I walk through the woods and fields, I am struck by how specific God’s design is for every plant and animal. His plan is especially noticeable as we see the weather begin to alter our surroundings from winter’s… Read more