Soaring Like Eagles As I stand on top of these mountains, I am filled once more with the wonder of God’s creation. Gazing over miles and miles of land, green and blue waves as far as the eye can see, I am again… Read more
Trail Wood The northeast corner of Connecticut is known as one of the most beautiful parts of the state. It is off the beaten path, which makes it a wonderful place to visit. Today I’m going to take you on an armchair… Read more
The Sparkle of Diamonds One of my favorite spots for relaxing in my house is looking out the window that faces my rose garden. Seated in my grandmother’s red velvet rocking chair, I am transported immediately back to my childhood. That same rocker sat… Read more
Heart of God Mention the word heart, and most of you will form an image in your mind, either of your physical heart or some representation like Valentine’s Day. You may conjure up good memories, or possibly the ultimate rejection because you didn’t… Read more
How Do They Do That? Often when I walk deep in the woods, I encounter nature’s mysteries that spur my curiosity. Today in the nature preserve, my pup wanted to investigate every new smell that she encountered. This is fine as long as it doesn’t… Read more
Dwelling Place “How lovely is your dwelling place, Oh Lord my God.” This past week I was blessed to be in the mountains. Sitting on top of a mountain ridge, I felt once more the overwhelming presence of the Lord and marveled… Read more