Waiting Waiting. Waiting for spring, waiting for corona virus to disappear, your job to re-start, your kids to go back to school, your wedding day, things to go back to normal. We are all in various stages of waiting at different… Read more
Tiny Houses Tiny houses have become a trend in certain parts of the world. But mankind has nothing to brag about. God thought up tiny houses long before they became a fad. Many birds and insects use tiny houses to make their summer… Read more
The Wind There is always something to hear in the forest. Some days when there are few colorful leaves or flowers to spot, I spend time listening to the many sound variations around me. Certainly, my ears are always tuned to pick… Read more
God’s Artistry God’s presence in nature is clearly displayed in the artistry with which He arranges the landscapes around us. It may be a life-size vista of rugged mountain peaks, a verdant forest, a deserted beach or a vast ocean in which… Read more
Lichens and Fungi   In winter, the fungi and lichens on trees provide most of the color and artistic design you’ll see on your walk. This is especially so after a rain when the colors intensify. Moisture makes the bark of the trees… Read more
Winter Silhouettes The sunlight dappled the path like an impressionist painting as I walked the woodland trail in the late afternoon. Once more I was struck by what I saw just by looking up. The light and shadows playing in the trees… Read more